You are Powerful!

You are powerful! You are powerful for three reasons: you have the power of choice, you have the power to dream big, and you have the power of action. I have a three step game plan for you to use your power to achieve your dreams.

3 Reasons Why You are Powerful

1. You Have the Power of Choice

As you are reading this, I know that I have about 15 seconds to capture your attention. Make the choice to read what I have to tell you because I can guarantee you 2 things:  1) I won’t bore you 2) I will teach you some lessons that you may have never heard of before. I am not here to give a lecture, I am here to have a conversation. Before you decided to read this blog post today, you were already powerful. I am here today to make sure that you are even more powerful after reading this.

2. You Have the Power to Think Big

Now everyone has dreams. Some of you may want to be an actress/actor, singer, doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur. Whatever your dreams are, let me be the first to tell you that they are obtainable; you can achieve your dreams! If you can think it, you can achieve it!

But understand to obtain these dreams, they come with a price. Nothing in this life worth having comes easy. You must grind harder than everyone else around you. I have a couple of examples of people who obtained their dreams that I will share later, but before I do, let me tell you why most people fail to obtain their dreams.


Fear has single-handedly ruined dreams throughout the course of history. Fear causes us put limitations on how big we think. Have you ever told someone your dream only to have them laugh in your face? People fear failure.

If someone is telling you that you cannot achieve a goal, you have two options: 1) prove them right or 2) prove them wrong. Do not ever let someone put a limitation on you! Only you determine how far you will go. But I must warn you now that as you get older, life gets harder and fear becomes stronger if you feed it.

But I am here today to give you the cure to defeating fear. Can you guess what it is? It is the 3rd point I mentioned earlier.

3. You Have the Power of Action

Action cures fear. Fear makes people freeze. Fear makes people stop what they are doing, and not do anything at all. If there is something in your life today that you fear, overcome it today with action. Do something about it!

If anyone ever tells you that you are weak, you tell them that you are powerful because you have the power of choice. You have the power to not only think, but to think big, and you have the power of action.

Now that you know how powerful that you are, let me give you a game plan on how you can achieve your dreams.

Game Plan to Achieve Your Dreams

1. Invest in Yourself Through Education

Now I am not here to tell you that you have to go to school and make straights a’s, go to college, and become an astronaut. I just told you’re powerful. You have a choice.

You can go to school and choose not to learn, not to pay attention, and not become educated. You want to go to school and act out, go to detention, and get suspended? You have that choice and its yours to make.

OR, you can choose to go and learn, and do your best, and hold yourself to a higher standard. Remember you have the power to think big and dream big.

Do you know what most millionaires have in common? They graduated at least from high school. But do know what most billionaires have in common? They all read for an average of 2 hours everyday.

Knowledge is Power

Now personally, when I was younger, I did not enjoy reading. I never read for fun; however, knowing what I do now, I would’ve been reading so much more. Even now I do not personally enjoy reading as much as I would like to be. The good news is that we are living in a golden age of technology and have audiobooks and podcasts. Now, I listen to books and gain knowledge for at least an hour every single day.

Do you listen to music everyday? Do you listen to music for an hour or more a day? Imagine if you decided to listen to a podcast on anything you wanted everyday for 20 minutes. If you did that for an entire year, that’s the equivalent of reading almost 13 200+ page books. Think about that, how much smarter would you be?

This brings me to point 2 of the game plan to achieve your dreams.

2. Make Results, Not Excuses

No one lives your life but you. We all live and die by the choices we make. That’s what makes you powerful, you have the choice to do what you want with your life.

You cant blame someone else for your choices. Everyone has their own personal problems that they deal with.

I want you to know that your power of choice can be both your strength and your downfall. If you chose make excuses, then you chose to give your power away to someone else. But if you chose to make positive results through positive actions in any situation you are faced, there is nothing that can stop you.

Oprah Winfrey

One great example of this is Oprah Winfrey. Everyone here knows Oprah, but might not know her history. She faced abuse, poverty, and neglect while she was growing up. She made the choice to think big, and take action by getting a full scholarship to college to learn and further educate herself so that she could put herself in the best position to obtain her dream of being in broadcast journalism.

She said, “The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change their future merely by their attitude”. She made the choice to not make excuses about her past, but to take action to define her future.

Cathy Hughes

Another great example is Cathy Hughes. Many of you may have never heard of Cathy Hughes, but she founded Radio One. When she was trying to start her own radio station, she and her husband were rejected by 32 banks for a loan to start the company in 1979. Shortly after getting the loan to start the company, her husband divorced her.

She bought out her husbands share of the company, which forced her to move her and her baby into the office that she was working out of. Years later, she would go on to become the first black woman to head publicly traded company; she was on 65 radio stations. To this day, Radio One is the largest black-owned radio chain in the U.S. and Cathy would go on to found the tv station, TV One.

She easily could have let the fear of failing, the fear of being, and the fear of being a single mother stop her from obtaining her dream. Instead, she made the choice that nothing would stop her from obtaining her dream

This brings me to final point of the game plan to achieve your dreams.

3. Take No More L’s in Life, Only Lessons

Now for the older audience who didn’t understand that, what I said was take no more losses in life, only lessons. You will without a doubt face adversity in your life and you will have to face it again, again, and again.

When you are facing hard times in your life, remember to not let fear drive your decisions. Remember that you are powerful and that you have the ability to overcome any obstacle in your life.

Do not be afraid to fail!

The only time you truly fail is when you do not do something to the best of your ability. If you are afraid to fail, how will you ever know what your best truly is? Your best will always be enough.

If you are constantly doing your best, no one or thing can take that from you, and you will ultimately end up where you are meant to be. So when you fail to do your best at something, whether it is school, a relationship, sports, or anything else… don’t count it as a loss.

Take it as a lesson that is going to make you stronger and bring you closer to where you are meant to be.


Remember that you are powerful! Remember that you should invest in yourself through education, that you need to make results, not excuses, and that there are no more L’s in life, only lessons.

I want to leave you with this final thought. There was once a person who believed that they could do anything. There was also a person who believed that they could do nothing. The both were right.

Which person are you?

Need some extra motivation?

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