FollowMyCal is the social calendar platform that centralizes your personal, professional, and social events in your life into one location. From idea to implementation, I successfully created, fundraised, and launched this product on iPhone, Android, and desktop version.

Astra Network

Astra Network is a private equity firm that specializes exclusively in the management of digital assets. Astra Network distributes accumulated earnings contractually and operates with an underlying performance-based structure.

Victory Clips

Victory Clips is a website, vlog, and social media influencer account. It is an online community of people that celebrate smALL wins while on their journey to accomplishing their big goals. Victory Clips has a highly engaged audience that is growing daily.

Website Creation

I have built multiple websites (including this one) using WordPress. They include: Astra Network, Christian Ringo (Pro Athlete), Victory Clips, Allegiance Precision Builders100 Men of Shreveport, Twinz Balloon Design, and Milleniare.