Middle School Motivational Speech

Richard’s Speaking Topics of Expertise

  • Time Management – How to effectively maximize all of the hours in a day
  • Discipline – How to prioritize, make goals, and achieve those goals
  • How To – Depending on the subject matter, create a step by step process of how to start and finish a goal
  • Leadership – How to create a team, create culture, be a good teammate, and how to listen
  • Motivation – New or fresh perspectives and ideas on how to overcome obstacles

Richard’s Deliverables

  • High Quality Presentation - Great visuals, stage presence, tone, and delivery of information based on the audience
  • Expertise Value – Insight that will help his audience move strategically and quickly towards their goals
  • Motivation – Personal experiences that give audience reference to how they can achieve their goals
  • Passion – Richard is a highly passionate about his work and helping others reach their highest potential
  • Personality – Richard’s personality keeps his audience engaged and wanting to hear more

Potential Audiences

  • Students
  • Teams (Sports, Businesses, Organizations)
  • Athletes
  • Businesses
  • Entrepreneurs

Let's Talk!

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